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Upstream / Downstream, performance change.


Upstream / Downstream, performance change.

Hi, i've noticed while i am downloading and uploading at the same time within the last week or so my upstream seems to be affected...

previously i would get downstreams of 60kb/s while uploading at 30kb/s, now i get downstreams of 60kb/s while uploading at 10 - 15 kb/s...

the same happens to and from various.. .US and .EU locations.

is this normal? :lol: :shock: :?


Is this normal?


In a word YES! this is normal, as you are using the theoretical bandwidth to its maximum capability. Note: even though the max theoretical size of the ADSL bandwidth is 512K downlink & 256K uplink you will almost never get this in reality. The simple reason for this is because TCP/IP forms a guarenteed connection (and I think its the same with FTP which is actually part of the TCP/IP protocol stack) and in order to form that guarenteed connection you will incurr what is called the TCP/IP overhead, this overhead is what allows the guarenteed connection (managment of the connection itself). So the TCP/IP overhead is one reason you never get the max bandwidth, there are a whole range of other factors that influence the uplink & downlink speeds, such as time of day, internet wide traffic conditions,local internet traffic conditions, latency in the actually connection (the copper wire phone lines,etc) and many others which I wont bore you with.