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Uploading a file

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Uploading a file


I want to upload a file (mpeg2) to my webspace so a friend can view (download it). Could anyone advise me as to how I go about doung this.


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RE: Uploading a file

You can upload it just like you would any other file to your webspace, using ftp transfer software or Microsoft FrontPage (I've created an MP3 folder for this purpose on my website host drive)

Then simply create a webpage with a hyperlink, pointing towards the location (ie. of the MP3, along with an instruction like "right click on the following link and select 'save target as..'" and upload that too.

A visitor to your website will then simply follow the instruction and save it to their hard-drive.

Hope this is detailed enough - if not, or you need more detailed information on how to do each of these steps, try consulting the MS FrontPage help pages and there is probably help pages here on the PlusNet site somewhere.

Let me know if you need any more help.

> Hi
> I want to upload a file (mpeg2) to my webspace so a friend can view (download it). Could anyone advise me as to how I go about doung this.
> Thanks

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RE: Uploading a file

here is how you ftp (ripped it from the main forum but i did post it)

you need to have is an ftp application such as aceftp, cuteftp, leechftp, WS_FTP Pro ect ect..

so if u try ace ftp very easy to use... and here is the free version..
(just copy and paste it into your browser)

once downloaded and installed if you run the application

Then on the top bar it say host and you should put in "" with no " "

Then next to host it says ID thats your username that you use to login to this portal.

Then next ot ID it says p/w which stands for password and if you can put your password in there.

Where it says 21 just leave that... (that the port number but you don't need to know that)

Then once all that info has been added then u can click a button that will apear just to the right of where u added all your details (one with a green line)

Then you will see u will be connecting and then u can drag and drop folder into the folders on the left (put them in the htdocs folder) from the right.

This will just put your files up there so you will be able to see them by going (or what ever your files are saved as)

Hope this helps