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Upload speed problems


Upload speed problems

Since early afternoon on December 31st, I've had some major troubles with my upload. When I tried to play several different online games of where I generally get a ping between 30-90, my ping is around 350-400 in the late afternoon.

Towards the late evening, it heads down to 250-300. It is only until around 2am for the past three nights where my ping has been at the level it should be for my connection.

I considering it may be something to do with my computer, but running a trace route on the several different IPs always comes back with similar results:

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 1 ms 20 ms 1 ms
2 22 ms 21 ms 19 ms []
3 367 ms 371 ms 358 ms []
4 334 ms 343 ms 332 ms []
5 333 ms 331 ms 333 ms []
6 357 ms 348 ms 345 ms []
7 346 ms 351 ms 357 ms []
8 349 ms 342 ms 338 ms []

Trace complete.

Since the lag doesn't start until the third hop, this suggests that it's something to do with Force9's servers? And also, the fact that the ping calms later on at night suggests to me some kind of congestion problem, but it's just odd that it started one day out of nowhere, and has suddenly began a daily routine. Does anyone know anything about this, or has experienced similar problems? Thanks,


Upload speed problems

You don't mention if you have tried the obvious like disconnecting entirely from ADSL (even unplug from the socket if you want to be 100% sure) for about 30 mins before retrying. Problems like this often seem to be resolved by doing this as you get connected to a different pipe when you reconnect.

Its also worth noting that I find you normally only need to disconnect/reconnect (the ADSL NOT the PPP connection, make sure it drops the ATM connection entirely) to see an improvement but the above is advised to be sure.