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Upgrade ! What upgrade ???

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Registered: 30-07-2007

Upgrade ! What upgrade ???

Hi All,

I was upgraded 10 days ago after paying 29.99 for over a year in anticipation of the new high speed connection. Have been averaging 180 + on my 2mb connection so hoped that up to 4mb would bring a significant speed increase.

For a couple of days after upgrade the speed was up and down but averaging around 3.2 mb, sometimes as low as 1.8mb but also as high as 3.75mb.

I queried this with customer service and they said don't worry it will be up and down for the first 10 days. After day five I have not been able to get a speed higher than 2.2 to 2.3 mb even though i have checked on numerous occasions. Now that the 10 days is up I feel that BT or F9 settled on 2.2mb days ago............But why when i could obviously get higher connection speeds.

Is it a form of control??

I have waited 12 months for an extra 400k. I know this may sound sad when some would die for even a 2mb connection but I am so dissapointed I feel I may as well move to talk talk who are advertising free broadband up to 8mb for most people ( 70 % ) or £10 month for the other 30%. I fall into the £10.00 catagory but it is still well below the £21.99 I have just changed to. and you get 40gb per month allowance !!!

Come on F9 if you are upgrading people play fair and give them what they are paying for.

Am I an isolated unfortunate or are more people cheesed off??



Upgrade ! What upgrade ???

Hi Tom,

Frankly, look its a FREE upgrade your NOT paying a penny for it!!, so what do you expect? F9 PlusNet are at the hands of BT as are all ISP's on this upgrade to MaxDSL. BT are not known for being quick when it comes to rolling out these upgrades from past experience of being regraded from 512K to 2megs.

BT have to upgrade over something like 35,000 phone exchanges here in the UK and then the individual customers phone lines also have to be upgraded to run the new higher speed service. In other words its a mamoth task and will continue to take many months.

If your that P'd off with F9 vote with your cheque book & with your feet and as you say look else where if you genuinely think you will get 8megs faster or cheaper. Personally I doubte you will get a better speed or quality of service, IMO its worth the waiting for BT F9 to implement the 8meg service. But then again I'm NOT in a rush myself.

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Upgrade ! What upgrade ???

But why when i could obviously get higher connection speeds.

The higher speeds were probably unstable, BT automatically monitor the line for the 10 days and give you the highest speed your line can reliably accept, this will be exactly the same for any ISP.

F9 do have an option to get BT to rerun the test so if you really believe you can get a faster speed you can raise a ticket and get them to recheck it.