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Unsolicited E mail


Unsolicited E mail

I am receiving random e mails from what purports to be a microsoft source.

I do not use micrososft software so they are a bit pointless.

Is there any way to find out the originators IP address.

The addresses shown in the text appear to be randomly generated and indeed even the source IP address appears to be false in some cases.

If I knew where they were coming from I would be delighted to return them with suitable coments.!


Martin Welsh


Hi Martin,
Unfortunately most users of email receive junk & spam just like this every day
and as a long standing user (about 5 years now) I have completely given up wasting my time chasing such things, nor worrying about them, nor can I even be bothered getting angry about them. More I think of the sad people who persist in creating such dross in the desperate hope that they will make money from it.

Personally for what its worth my considered opinion would be dont waste your time on such emails if you know they are junk or spam. I now use a program called mailwasher (you can still get an excellent free version of mailwasher) from the following URL or this program is a god send in filtering out junk before its downloaded onto your system. You can blacklist email address's or entire email domains such as etc.

Ivan :lol:

Eating Spam

Thanks for your words of wisdom.

I use a Mozilla 1.6 browser and this claims to have a spam filter.

When I receive junk I just click on the address of the sender, replace random characters in the address with a wild card and ask it to delete any mail with the remainder of the address on entry.

I have seen no smoke and the number of bits of Spam seems to be going down so here's hoping.

I must remember to view the Spam filter from time to time to ensure that I am not inadvertently dumping wanted mail.

Thanks again,


Unsolicited E mail

Just blocking the domain portion of the senders address is not completely effective. I have seen the same spam from many different addresses.

As with Ivan, I suggest you take a good look at Mailwasher. It has so many useful features and ways to spot spam and saves you from inadvertantly confirming to your spammer that your email address is a real one (just looking at an attached image in an email is often enough to do that!)

You can set it to check emails against freely available blocking lists and to bounce any messages you like as if the mail server has rejected it.

If you really want to try to find the origin of an email, you could try spamcop. Forward a mail to spamcop and it analyses it and returns the relevant addresses to complain to. (If you buy the pro version of mailwasher, you can forward messages to spamcop from there without having to download them first)


The best part of spamcop

Hello once again,
I totally agree with the previous person but would like to add that one of the best parts of spamcop is that once you've setup an account (they used to offer a free for personal use type reporting accounts, they still might? you'll have to check though) Any spam that you send to spamcop and then have processed bye them often allows you to quickly send admin reports from spamcop to the top level network admins of those/that network where the spam came from or across that network it travelled. Its just a very good tool for fighting the spammers, I use it where I can and so do recommend it too you.

Best Regards

Spam Spattering

Thanks for the info about mailwasher, I have taken a copy and will give it a twirl.

It is presently Windoze only but I have dual booting machines so will try it in Windoze direct and through a "Wine" conversion on Linux.

Thanks again,

Martin Welsh

Unsolicited E mail

I believe the new version of Mailwasher only supports one email address at a time. I have an earlier version which allows multiple addresses, if you (or anyone else) wants a copy, drop me a line at and i'll email it to you.