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Unbidden Right Contextual Menu

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Registered: 15-09-2007

Unbidden Right Contextual Menu

When using the internet my Right Contextual Menu (Windows ME)appears without me clicking the right mouse button.

This is very frustrating for a non-touch typist because I can be well into a paragraph - look up and I am not producing any text!

This happens whether or not I am running AOL Immediate Messenger. Ihave IE6 and run a 450MHz Pentium 3. My current connection is by broadband - though had the same problem when I had Dial Up.

Effects also include parts of text being mysteriously cut and pasted in somewhere else in my document or an Undo command being given; due to hitting a letter shown as underline in the right contextual menu.

I would be grateful for any help at all,

conrad (aka seero) :cheese:
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RE: Unbidden Right Contextual Menu

Make sure you have the latest drivers for your mouse.

But, it sounds like you could just have a dodgy right mouse button.

An old mouse of mine went dodgy because of excessive use of the right button when playing games.

RE: Unbidden Right Contextual Menu

i dunno if your keyboard is the same but i have a menu button below right shift key wich brings up the right click menu without touching the mouse

i hit it myself when thinking too quickly for my hands to type, maybe your hitting it too?