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Ultraboard:- (CGI)- Crofters & Homepages connecting?

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Registered: 25-09-2007

Ultraboard:- (CGI)- Crofters & Homepages connecting?

Here's a potentially tricky one- help appreciated!

I currently have Ultraboard (v. early version) set up, and managed to configure it to run using both the crofters server, for the cgi access, etc., and it pulls the pictures from my homepages server...
I have a newer version of the software to install, which gives the functionality of users uploading files. I wanted to run this from my homepages server, and have set permissions, etc., but the installation program fails. I understand that it is not possible to run binary files (i.e. pictures) from Crofters (and there is only 25mb to play with- may not last long!)

Would having my cgi as a sub domain help?

Any ideas?


Any help appreciated. TIA.