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USENET 15Gb limit - why 3rd Party? This is nuts!

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USENET 15Gb limit - why 3rd Party? This is nuts!

You know that Plusnet/F9 (same difference) have now instigated this 15Gb cap on Usenet access for Premier accounts? You know the one - it's reset every calendar month, and you get (reasonably) full speeds until you hit 15Gb, and then you can't even download headers any more.

Most 3rd party providers (Easynews, Giganews) work on a minimum of 20Gb a month - you pay them a fiver, and they give you a 20Gb download limit. Well, now you can't practically use more than 15Gb. This means that anyone with a premium news account probably can't get more than 3/4 of what they pay for each month. Next month they'll be billed for another 20Gb, but they'll probably still have 5Gb left over. And the next month, and the next...

At the end of a year with F9, you could find yourself in credit with Easynews to the tune of 60Gb. Which you'll never be able to use if you stick with the Plusnet group.

If this has occurred to me, I'm sure it has occurred to PN. Which means this must be a deliberate decision to make things even more intolerable for "high" downloaders.

Well okay...but hang on, I don't consider myself a high downloader. According to my usage I do approx 35 Gb a month, 5Gb of which is probably in peak. That's well within F9/PN's self-imposed limits (you know - 100Gb a month, or 35Gb peak), and yet they obviously still don't want people like me. Who the blazes do they want? Someone who downloads less that 15Gb a month total, yet who is willing to pay £22 a month for a 2Mb link?? Who on earth falls into that category?

If this is to do with sustainable use, then it can only get worse as more Brits go Broadband (go Tony), and entry-level speeds get faster and cheaper. Soon we'll have a situation where everyone will be on 8Mb or more, yet no-one's allowed to use more than 10GB a month. Part-time broadband!

Rant rant rant.
A tortoise? What's that?
You know what a turtle is? Same thing.

USENET 15Gb limit - why 3rd Party? This is nuts!

I don't use Usenet, but why is 15Gig of Usenet access worse say that 15Gig of P2P - or WorldOfWarcraft - or ftp - or simple Web-browsing?

Is Usenet so particularly efficient in it's transfer protocols that it interferes with the whole network infrastructure?

From what I can remember, Usenet is throttled peak time in the same way that P2P is for example, yet P2P can download upto 100Gig per month offpeak - why not Usenet?

Sorry, I just don't get it.