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UPDATED - PLEASE READ : Posting of Jokes in this Forum

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UPDATED - PLEASE READ : Posting of Jokes in this Forum

As you know there has been a large increase in the number of jokes in this forum. While we all enjoy a good laugh, the forum moderators would like to remind you that these forums must remain family friendly. Before posting a joke please remember to keep inside the forum guidelines and consider your fellow users before posting. If you are not sure of a particular joke you could always get a second opinion from someone else before posting. Anything that is posted and seen to be in breech of the forum guidelines may be removed without warning.
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UPDATED - PLEASE READ : Posting of Jokes in this Forum

As an update, please find below our official decision with regards to the proposal for a Jokes forum, and a simple request to those posting Jokes in this forum.

Official Decision From The Moderating Team :

After careful consideration by all of the moderators, we have collectively agreed that a Jokes forum should not be setup on these boards. Some of the jokes of late have caused concern amongst the moderators due to their offensive content. This is not only a family orientated forum, but is also representative of Plusnet as a company and offensive jokes could reflect badly on them.

As part of our decision making, we have also looked at the Unofficial forum setup by one of our members and can see a large number of Jokes that would be deemed as offensive to post on a family forum such as these boards.

Whilst we are aware that Jokes are already being posted to the Chit-Chat forum, we do not want to be seen as attracting, or encouraging more offensive, tasteless jokes by setting up a dedicated forum. We see no problem with people posting unoffensive, family-friendly jokes in the Chit-Chat forum and therefore we plan to leave things as they are.

There is a fine line between what is, and isn't offensive, however. As such, we would like to inform everyone that we will be using our discretion and - where we feel it necessary - will remove any offensive posts from the boards without warning.

We would like to streess that this decision is final.

To make it easier to distringuish between Jokes and other threads within the Chit Chat forum, for the time being, we would like to request that Jokes are posted with the word [JOKE] in the title.

With thanks,

The Moderating Team