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U.S. Robotics 9003 ASDL Ethernet/USB Router


U.S. Robotics 9003 ASDL Ethernet/USB Router

Hi all

I had been connected to Force9 internet via the broadband connection for about a year now with no problems. However at Xmas my son was given a computer of his own and wants connected to the internet. Since I had a Voyager 105 USB ASDL Modem this was not initially possible. I bought a Belkin Wireless G Router but then of course I had to get a Ethernet Modem as the Router would not work with a USB Modem. I obtained a US Robotics "Sureconnect" model 9003 and followed the instructions to connect this up.
Everthing seems to set up properly but I cannot connect to Force 9.

I am using the following settings
VPI = 0
VCI = 38
Authentication = CHAP
Protocal = RFC 2364 PPPoverATM
Modulation = Autosense
Encapsulation = VCMux

User name standard
Password as per normal dialup logon

The connection wizard reports
asdl operational
PVC configured
Protocol Configured
But then reports "Your router is connected but the Internet is still unavailable. Please check your computer network settings"

Has anyone else had problems connecting with this equipment?Huh

U.S. Robotics 9003 ASDL Ethernet/USB Router

Can't beat self help, as a FYI for any other member the answer to any connection problems is to install the 20040317 43E2EA8A Annex A Firmware upgrade available to download from the US Robotics help page. I downloaded this and the modem connected firat time!

U.S. Robotics 9003 ASDL Ethernet/USB Router


The above firmware update sounds spot on, & the only other comment as far as your router settings are concerned would have been to try changing the "autosense" (mode) to G.DMT I found that did make a difference with my F9 settings on my ADSL modem. My connection has been extremely good since I changed this to G.DMT.