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Tutorials, articles & scripts


Tutorials, articles & scripts

I'd like to doa little self promotion about my website.

"ASP, C++, Graphics, Hardware, HTML, MySQL, PHP, Photoshop, Server and VB tutorials and articles as well as a number of free scripts available."

Could I have any comments or suggestion Smiley
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Tutorials, articles & scripts

I like the site - simple (in a good way), slick and very performant.

I think you mentioned in another thread somewhere that you're almost 16 - is this correct? How big a role do you play in the running of "olate"?

OK, comments and suggestions:

  • Are there any plans to expand the "Downloads" section, and what sort of things are you going to be putting in it?
  • Any plans to introduce .NET content (tutorials, etc)?
  • Is your news an RSS feed, and where does it come from?

I hope I don't come across as critical - just some honest questions from a fellow web developer!! Smiley

Tutorials, articles & scripts

Hi Sam,

Great feedback. I am 16 in just over a month and I am the site admin for Olate. I set it up, created the original cotent, coded the backend and front end and generally keep it going. It has been running since around April and I have recently moved it onto a dedicated server (provided free) because of the amount of visitors I get. I run it all by myself, although I have 2 other staff members: one who does free and commercial phpBB styles and did the style for the forums and the other guy who does the news. See more here:

The news is all written by us. We do not syndicate it from anywhere or copy from anywhere. Jonathan (the news guy) searches the net for news stories, mainly from the register, and then re-writes them for the site. Every news story is hand picked and written specifically for the site visitors as we know what they want to read.

The Downloads section, at the moment, is just for the scripts I am writing (Download script coming up soon), the source code for the C++ tutorials and the downloads for the phpBB styles. It might be an idea to put other things there though, what were you thinking? Any ideas?

I have no plans to introduce .NET content as I don't use it, or know anyone who uses it. I try to write as much content for the site myself. I know HTMl, ASP and PHP plus a bit of C++ and Visual basic and can do basic graphics but know nothing about .NET. If you know anyone who has any tutorials or would like to write some then get them to contact me. Wink

I'm glad you like the design. It was created to be effective but fast and simple.

Tutorials, articles & scripts

Any further feedback?