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Total webspace available


Total webspace available


I was told that I can share my webspace over my "normal" space and my CGI space but the members area only tells me how much space I have left on my "normal" space.
Is there or could there ever be a way to see how much space there is remaining in total without usinhg that TELNET command prompt thing or using Dreamweaver and having to convert Bytes into Megabytes?
Force 9 improved their "Time Online" greatly, can't they make they improve this little feature? Smiley

Total webspace available

I know you didn't want to telnet into the server, but the way I was told how to do it was to SSH the cgi server and put in the command du -skh . I use putty and put in and tick the ssh box. This will give you how much space has been used on your cgi account in MB.