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Too many eMails!


Too many eMails!

My brothers F9 account has been receiving a horrendous amount of "undeliverable" eMails, which first started about 10 days ago
The volume was about 1,000 a day, climbing steadily, and by yesterday was 10,000

Outlook Express is setup to retrieve eMails every 5 minutes, and can normally cope with our 1000 "normal" eMails a day

However, Outlook Express finally stopped responding last night as the volume was too much for it, such that I had to remove the F9 account
I installed MailWasher, but the volume is also too much for even MailWasher to cope with

So where do I go from here, as the eMails on this account are IMPORTANT?
Force9 must surely have some proposals for spam prevention on their SMTP server, because if they do not this problem is going to snowball and effect other users in due course

I've been with F9 for 6 years now, and it looks like they are getting over taken by the spammers and virii writers...

Too many eMails!

I too suffered this problem a number of times last year, although not to that extent. The way I found past it was to set up a "mark" mailbox so that anything delivered to the random catch all addresses stayed in the default mailbox. Anything with "mark" in front was sent to the new mailbox and it cut down spam dramatically. Unfortunately the junk stays in your default mailbox so if you need to access it at any time, it is a nightmare. That said, apparently F9 do not have a quota system to fill up your mailbox (so they told me anyway) so the legit mail should always get through.


Too many eMails!

I've been looking at whether it is possible to create just mailboxes
That way if the eMail is to it is NOT delivered, and bounced back to source

I have created 8 mailboxes (for the 7 eMail addresses in use, and one in which to forward them all to), but even these are getting spam!

Too many eMails!

You can set up as many mailboxes as you wish if you have a specific address which is being spammed and then redirect it to (I think). That is fine if you don't get caught by one which uses random numbers in front of the username, the possibilities then become endless. There is another thread going on which asks why we cannot "block" the catch all email addy and just receive to specified accounts.

Hopefully the 8 mailboxes you've created have seen a huge reduction in the number of spam you are getting, but it's the nature of the Internet beast unfortunately! Do you have the multi account Mailwasher or single? If you have single and want multi, let me know as I have a copy (which is freely distributable in the licensing) I can send you.

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Too many eMails!


We are looking into ways to block the catch all address due the various virii that randomly generate email addresses.
If you are getting significant amounts of mail coming into the default box with random addresses that make it difficult if not impossible to block then create mailboxes for the addresses you want to use and then raise a ticket and our network team should be able to block the address.

Too many eMails!

Problem is Dave, you then have to create a postmaster and username mailbox because the T&C's stipulate that you must be able to receive mail at these addresses! It was mentioned by Ian a while back that we might be able to specify the address we want to receive F9 email,bills, etc, but this hasn't happened yet.

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its still not sorted 3 years on

3 years on from topic start
I still have lost all my mail 11,000 junk mails a week How do I sort it out
random letters in front of my account name F9 dont want to know
I paid up front for a tear subsription why should they care they have gort the money
start a ticket oh yes done that reply "tell us which email address whants stopping" 11,000 random codes yes I will list them all individually who are they kidding we will stop them
Plan B from F9 was for me to Buy a mail program I could use to download 11,000 emails sort them and delete the ones I didnt want. get real there are not enough hours in the week to do that.
MY only solution is too Looose my money paid to F9 and joint Tiscali they have spam blocking Oh and I loose all the contacts I have made and have the waste of time to notify every one my mail has changed again.
They also said it was my fault foe using Newsgroups.
I have never used a newsgroup I have never given my F9 mail address to any one I use a free one which is diverted to F9 ( and that it is not spammed)
I Have left F9 I would recomend you Leave F9 at your next subsriptiion date they are not secure

Too many eMails!

3 years on from which topic start Parcel? This thread started in 2004. I think you need wrapping up and sending somewhere.

The solution is clear, any mail going to your account which does not have a specific mailbox to go to will end up in

Pick the addresses you want to keep (george@... harry@... postbox@...) and set up mailboxes for them. Then your friends can mail you at

mail sent to or will go to the default address i.e. this catches all the randomly addressed emails in one account.

Tell f9 you want the default mailbox to be blackholed and you will never see the spams again.