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This is Spam- Really?


This is Spam- Really?

I assume returning email to is a waste of time. I have tried for weeks returning about 3 or more emails a day of the usual pharmaceutical products but it seems to have little effect as I am still getting them. I have tried returning them as email attachments as I have no desire to open these, but alas it has little effect. Recently I have tried opening the mail to return them against my better judgement.

I tried sending them as multiple attachments and got the following message today:-
"I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out."

Yes I am sorry too, but other ISP's seem to manage it without my prompting,.
Is something amiss, or am I expecting too much?

This is Spam- Really?

It's working reasonably well for me. I would say that when I first started to use it it was probably picking up about 60% of spam emails - and now after 3 months of training it's more like 95%.

I do agree though that the spam that does get through doesn't seem to follow any pattern - it'll quite happily block 7 or 8 rolex watches and then let one through - I've checked these and the messages are virtually identical.

I'm also using the old free version of SA Proxy as well as the Free Online filter - I find that even that is quite erratic but between them they are removing almost all of my spam emails.

On the whole I think it's doing it's job quite well - also no false positives which is more important.