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The Big ? of the Maintenance on PlusNet...


The Big ? of the Maintenance on PlusNet...

There seems to me that PlusNet is always upgrading there core outers;These days and Pipe lines! - You could say about every week or so they are seeming to do something about on there Network! - So do they were out, your do they brake down so easy or are there engineers no what they are doing? - So what we all really would like to no, what is wrong with the Network these days? - Is it BT or Plusnet...

Are there any aswers out there :?: - I for one would like to no!
Paul Lucas
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The Big ? of the Maintenance on PlusNet...

PlusNet have a lot of equipment to keep us all connected to the NET and this equipment often has bugs in it that can degrade service. This is why there have been more frequent than usual software updates being performed.

Also the equipment is heavily utilised and it is normally at that time that problems surface and need to be fixed.

PlusNet are also in the process of reconfiguring various aspects of the internal network and connectuions/equipment to external peering companies which also result if config or software upgrades being needed.

Some of the more recent upgrades are in the equipment responsible for traffic shaping. PlusNet are trying different configurations and getting new features added to try and improve the overall shaping and improve the overall speeds for everyone.

And finally, yes, things break so need to be replaced.

PlusNet try to perform all these upgrades during the early hours which is when things are a lot quieter and thus have the least impact on everyone.
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The Big ? of the Maintenance on PlusNet...

Hmmm. me thinks you may need to read back through posting, you may well understand why things might go a bit squiffy every now and then. or maybe P-net are just keeping abreast of things :shock: