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Teething problems


Teething problems

I signed up for free online a week ago, and yesterday the modem finally arrived.

ADSL500 USB modem into an XP Home computer. It seemed to install fine, and we were connected without trouble.

However, the connection speed was never very good (~100kbps).

Then it started to hang randomly, and shut down the computer it was plugged into. Now the line LED on the modem lights only periodically, with no correlation between jiggling it in the socket and getting a connection. It is connected straight into BT installed wall socket.

The modem is a Binatione ADSL500 (sent to me by Free Online).

So: Is the problem with my phone line, the modem, or free online? I've tried on systems with and without XP Service Pack 1.

Help? Please?

Teething problems

It's well established that you need SP1 (or SP1a) installed on Windows XP if you're going to use the Binatone 500 modem -- see the My Closure on Binatone and XP thread on the PlusNet forum (you can log on with the guest account), and others like it in the vicinity of that one.

My advice would be to remove the modem and software, install SP1a, an dthen go through the modem's installation process again.

Some people have problems with ADSL USB Modems on motherboards with VIA chipsets, and have found that connecting the modem through a powered USB hub can solve their problem.

Also, it's probably a good idea to disconnect the modem from the phone line for an hour or so in case there are any stale sessions.

Teething problems

Thanks dude. Most of the troubles seem to have reduced now, excepting that SP 1a has messed my PC up a treat. I have broadband!