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Talk Talk

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Registered: 22-08-2007

Talk Talk

Looking at the paperwork from the carphonewarehouse, this scheme, on the face of it seems fantastic. For £21.99 per month, free 2 meg broadband and unlimited phone calls, a free modem or use your exsiting router, 40 gig download................................WHERES THE CATCHHuh?

Im currently paying BT £40 permonth for the calls and F9 21.99 for the ADSL

Is there some clever soul out there who can convince me that this is a crap deal somehow?


Talk Talk

£20.99 per month and up to 8mbs and I have yet to find the catch. Looking even better now.

Talk Talk

see my posts and other ppls replies under the main support forum titled talktalk.. and also look a lot of disgruntled customers. I too am interested but holding back a bit..


Talk Talk

:lol: Hi everyone, unfortunately there is a catch with TalkTalk, as my friend has TalkTalk phone and another ISP at the moment she's locked into a contract which she can't get out of cheaply, with talktalk. But! when she goes onto price drop tv on the internet talktalk charge her a whooping amount on her phone bill, so my guess is that you'll have to watch which websites you go on or you'll be charged for it on the phone side of things.

Talk Talk

i'm with onetel who were acquired by carphone warehouse, and went before the new free broadband connection was advertised

i had onetel for rental and voice calls for over 2 years, costing me £25pm (with extras i've added). this was still cheaper than what bt gave me and still is. I can ring anyone 24hours a day on 01/02 numbers, get discount on mobile numbers, and unlike BT i don't have to hang up after an hour.

With BT it was costing us £30 rental a month + £40 in calls, with onetel even when ringing 0845/0870 numbers I still pay less than £30

I've now got my broadband with them, at the same speeds as I had with F9, and I've had no problem with it yet. So, so far I'm happy with the unlimited service I'm getting, the minute they change then I'll be off, even if its before the 12 month contract as i signed up for unlimited, which they advised me it was.

And if do leave then would probably come back to F9