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Tabs sites shut down by MPA


Tabs sites shut down by MPA

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IMO its very unfair and MPA/MPAA/RIAA's next facist like move Evil


and various other sites have been shut down which were quite popular and other major sites on the way Sad

Tabs sites shut down by MPA

Yeah, it's outragous init Evil

what gets me is that thousands of guitarist learn to play a few faves off tab, some of them go on become the next generation of money makers for the record companies.

So not content with making their current offereing unnaceptable, they're killing off the next generation too.

Unbelivable short term ignorance greed and stupidity.

Tabs sites shut down by MPA

The record companies arent just suing now, there dishing out jail time as well. They get alot of money from suing people and see it as the only future way to maximise profits.

Why do you think they havent already shut down kazaa?

Its a fountain of n00b downloaders which = £££££ for them (suing).

This has to stop!!!!! Evil