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TFT Monitors...analogue v DVI

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TFT Monitors...analogue v DVI

I am about to buy my first 17"TFT monitor. Presently looking at either Iiyama or viewsonic. But if anyone can recommend any others £200 ish. From what I read on message boards there seems very little (if any) picture quality diference between analogue and DVI connection. Would it still make sense to buy a monitor with DVI. Anybody using DVI at the moment? I value your thoughts. :?

TFT Monitors...analogue v DVI

Recently purchased a 19" analogue TFT for gaming (12ms response) for my bro on ebuyer, 5* average review...

Good monitor, very fast response times for TFT, didnt find any dead pixels (but that is luck), max resolution of 1280x1024. Currently £222.07 inc VAT, but add delivery. If not for gaming then you probably dont need the mega fast response times Wink

I know you said 17" but tis worth a mention! - same max res as normal 17", but the whole image is bigger. Very clear when running at 1280x1024. Lots of easy-to access colour/brightness settings for different situations.

TFT Monitors...analogue v DVI

I got an Iiayama 17" (the model escape sme at this moment) 431S I think but its about .5" bigger than my 17" CRT and without the bulk of a CRT the screen looks bigger still.

It has DVI and Analgoue (and stereo speakers, although they are not particularly good). The response is 10ms and I paid about £179 @PCWorld at Christmas(I am sure it was price mistake :roll: )

I notice very little difference at the max res of 1280x1024 between DVI and Analogue but its nice to have the option. I would imagine a point where graphics card will be DVI only in the future.

But the clarity is amazing DVD and Games look great.. and I havent noticed any 'tearing' on games thats when the response of the monitor cant keep up with the updates.

The only thing to be careful of is that if you want a good image then you need to run at the native resolution of the TFT Montior orthwise it streches the pixels to fit and if you look close the image goes blocky.
(Most 17" are 1024x768 or 1280x1024) Its not like a CRT where the picture is the same quality at different resolutions.

That last point may have changes in the 6 months since I got mine but its worth being aware of :-)

Once you'd had flat.. you'll never go back. Tongue



I think the choice of either TFT monitors or traditional CRT monitors is extremely subjective. I personally dont like the TFT monitors and I still havent changed my opinion that you would be hard pressed to surpass the image quality of a good CRT display but that's just my view.

I'm NOT a games player but having high quality graphics was a high priority for me as I trained as a professional photographer some years ago so image quality was an important issue (graphics card is an Nvidia Quattro NVS AGP x eight with XP drivers) Cool.

I wasnt bothered about desk space it simply wasnt an issue. I ended up buying a LeCie 22inche Electron Blue monitor which I was told is used a good deal in the publishing & graphics design industrys. I am extremely happy with the choice I made whilst I admitt it wasnt a cheap option I think this monitor would be extremely hard to surpass on sheer quality. I wouldnt like to swap it for anything else now.

But if your happy with a TFT display then frankly that's all that matters!! as I said its a very personal choice.


TFT Monitors...analogue v DVI

The other question you have ask is do you want style or performance?

You can get an equilivent CRT much cheaper than TFT, but they take up lots more space and dont looks so good in your main rooms of the house.

I think at the moment Ivan is right, for top end performance then CRT is the way to go. But from your statement I dont think thats what your looking for.

TFT will only progress and CRT's will eventually be left behind, especially when the remaining latency issue and screen size limits are surpassed.

If you want to save space, and have something that will look ok with the rest of your A/V gear then get a TFT althought that las tpoint is mute if your using a big ugly Pc Tower :-))

The display future.

Hello Again,

Actually as far as display screen technologies are going I personally DONT see the future as being at all in TFT screens.

I do think the future IS in plasma style TV screens (and probably LARGE plasma screens too) I predict that PC & Plasma Screen technologies will converge even more so than now (and the signs are already write large on the wall as it were!).

Possibly as near as only 5-6 years from now most computer users will want plasma large size screen displays. These will be combined with audio (speakers), DVD/CD players,burners and so forth, in other words all the normal PC stuff including HDD but all integrated into almost one multimedia home system which is broadband connected. We will see the High Definition films come into the mainstream on such displays and we will use our home systems as we do now for all the usual computing needs just even more multimedia'd in functionality.

**Or inother words computing but on your 42 ro 56inch screen at home.