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SysFader SpyFader


SysFader SpyFader

Hi, first I would see in my Task manager for a few seconds; SpyFader now this has gone I get SysFader doing the same. My modem data LED is non stop and I am spending a lot of time running repeated ant virus and anti spy searches, forever catching something.
Does anyone know anything?




I ran a quick Google search on both of these items and found 1,500 results on sysfader.exe & sysspy. Here below is one reply in a forum that might help??

Re: What the hell is Sysfader.exe ?


A SOLUTION (for me anyway)

I have spent the past 2 days helping a friend with this Sysfader error. Specifically, when they clicked on My Computer, My Documents, My Pictures, Control Panel, or Search the following error appeared:

The instruction at "0x021f0065" reference memory at "0x00000000".
The memory could not be "written".

I followed most of the suggestions in this post and numerous other posts. Including:
Windows Updates
Microsoft Antispyware
Symantec Antivirus
SpyBot S&D
Editing the Display Properties
Searching for the WinShow virus (not there)

None of these solved the problem. Even when run in Safe Mode.

I managed to get into the AddRemovePrograms (as I could not click on control panel, I went to START - SET PROGRAM ACCESS AND DEFAULTS). There I found several suspicious programs running that were not picked up by the previously mentioned programs. These included:

Home Search Assistant
Shopping Wizard
Search Extender

I also noticed that Microsoft Antispyware was going crazy trying to block changes from being made to Internet Explorer's default home pages and other default pages.

This is how I realized that the computer was infected with CoolWebSearch. I proceded to spend forever trying to remove it. I used the reccomendations from this site:
This did not remove the offending organism.

Also then used the most recent CWshredder.exe found at CNET. This removed the organism. CoolWebSearch (Home Search Assistant, Shopping Wizard, and Search Extender) was gone. Unfortunately, Microsoft Antispyware and Symantec Antivirus no longer functioned properly. I reinstalled them.

VOILA. The SysFader problem was fixed too.

I recognize that this SysFader error may be due to different causes for different people. But in my case, it was fixed by removing the CoolWebSearch infection with CWshredder.

I hope someone finds this helpful.

Web URL for the above is :-

Hope this might be useful for you? Ivan

Sysfader The answer!! From Ivan

Hi again,

Here looks like the real answer SysFader.exe is a windows componant which is why No! anti virus programs or spyware programs detect it. ITS PART OF WINDOWS!! Heres a more useful thread than the one I posted previously above (so you can ignore the above posting!! sorry!! Anyway look at this new one I'm sending you here, again from another forum:-

Senior Member
17. February 2005 @ 18:16
Try this -- :-

Click Start, go to Settings, click Control Panel, double-click Display. Click Appearance, then click Effects. Now UNCHECK the first four boxes, which include Fade Effects (one of the culprits, a.k.a. Sysfader) Smooth Edges, Large Icons and Shadows under Menus. Not only do you not need any of these, but they will cure your problem and speed up your Desktop.

Sysfader is the program used in XP to give you those Fade Effects. It is not a virus or a malware.

Url: is
**Obviously I didnt say that this doesnt solve the spyfader problem which looks like seperate issue but my first posting might still be relevant but more for spyfader than for sysfader!!

Ivan :lol:

SpyFader gone but still a mystery

Thanks Ivan,
I got some tips from 'Major Geeks' forum and they gave me some similar advice including the shredder. So I think that your posting confirms that SysFader and SpyFader have been beaten.
I just changed my 'display'/ 'effects' settings as suggested, in-order to speeeeeeeed up things, (computers breed impatience in their users I think) but I don't know if it is the same Fader as I haven't seen the Task Manager 'SpyFader' 'SysFader' 'running' notice for a long time and this is the first time I have even opened this 'display'/ 'effects' window.
Previously I also downloaded a ***Free!!! 'Morphing' program, I couldn't resist doing that michael jackson face morph trick.. I have since found that this has also opened the door to a multitude of virtual demons into my XP. Apparently by clicking on the 'I aggree' button (after they expected me to read pages of small print !?), I gave my permission to let a legal advertising malware program enter my doors.
After catching the said 'honest' spy malware and uninstalling it in the conventional 'control panel'/ 'add remove..' it directed me to its website with the offer to download a ***Free!!! anti-virus HuhHuhHuhHuh??
Anas (computers breed cynicism in their users I think)