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Sun Solaris Box. (project build)


Sun Solaris Box. (project build)

I was just wandering if anyone here used Sun Microsystems Solaris OS?

I am planning to build a cheap box to run it on and am looking for hardware recommendations/tips. Any pointer/guidance appreciated.

Sun Solaris Box. (project build)

Yep i use work that is. What are u thinking of running it on ...a sparc paltform or windows?. I also have a netra box at home which has solaris 8 on (to play with)



Sun Solaris Box. (project build)

I am thinking of building a box with an AMD athlon 64, maybe an X2.

I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction to avoid getting kit that is not supported by Solaris. :roll:

I have been keeping an eye on ebay, just in case a good Sun workstation or server crops up. I have no real experience of Sun kit so I don’t want to dive in a get something that is over price or useless, but on the other hand I could be missing bargains. What sort of spec would make a reasonable workstation, or to put it another way, What is the minimum Sun workstation worth using, an ultra 5?
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Sun Solaris Box. (project build)

Depending on your intended usage an Ultra5 would be a good cheap starting place.

But workstation wise it’s not that fast running Solaris 10, and if you where looking to use it as a server, then the Ultra5 is limited to a single IDE hard drive.

But having said that, it would still be a good value starting place for experience, considering they are selling on eBay for about £30, but do make sure that you get a keyboard and mouse with it.

The shame is I have half a dozen Ultra 5’s in a Northampton warehouse, but as yet there has been no decision on dumping them.