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Suddenly can't download my email, anyone help?


Suddenly can't download my email, anyone help?

I use Telewest's Blueyonder Surfunlimited to dial-up to the internt. While connected I download my email from my Force9 account, via a POP3 server.

Suddenly last week the email collection stopped working. I normally use Turnpike Connect program, but to make sure Turnpike wasn't at fault I tried to collect my email (whilst dialled up with blueyonder) using Outlook Express. This didn't work either, with the error message "Your POP3 server has not responded in 60 seconds."

However I CAN access my email if I use Yahoo's mail service to connect to the Force9 POP3 server. And When dialled up I CAN connect to Blueyonder's POP3 server.

I then tried to dial up using the Force9 number and NOTHING, it refuses to work, I get a message saying the computer at the other end failed to respond.

I am totally baffled, it's like my blueyonder phone line has just stopped allowing me to access other ISPs...which I know is ridiculous. I'm sure I've not explained this very well but if anyone can shed some light on what might be going on I'd be most grateful.

Is it my modem, or a conflicting software, or something? Thanks!