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Sub-domains pointing to different folders....


Sub-domains pointing to different folders....

I want my domain to point to a folder on the cgi server, but I've been told that's not possible, which is fine. So, instead I wanted to make a folder on my homepages and then do a redirect. Ignoring the complications of the re-direct, how do I set up to go to the blog folder?
Sorry if this is in the help or really obvious, but I seem to have missed it.....

Sub-domains pointing to different folders....

From what I've heard the only hostnames which can (successfully) be used in conjunction with the Force9 homepages server are <domain-name> and www.<domain-name>, so in your case and, so won't work.

The only way you could get to work would be by running a server outside of Force9 (eg on your own machine), which could then redirect back to a directory on the homepages or cgi machines.

If you're happy to do it this way, then you need to use the Domain Management Tool on the Domain names page to create an entry for the host "blog" pointing at your public IP address. For example, if we assume your public IP address is, an entry like
    blog A
would do the trick.

If you're using a router, you'd have to create a NAT rule to forward incoming requests to the local host on which you're going to run the webserver.

With or without a router, you may need a firewall rule to permit the incoming request.

You'd need to run the web server, and ensure it knows it should accept requests addressed to "".

For the index.html page you'd probably use a frameset, and use this to link to<directory>; or<directory> as you wish. By doing it this way, the address in the user's browser's address bar would remain as "".