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Stuopid CS Replies

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Stuopid CS Replies

o.k. it's a bit quiet round here today so post the stupidest reply from ANY CS dept you've ever had. For me from binatone:

Dear Sir,

The Linux drivers are for use with versions of Linux at least two years old they do not seem to work with newer versions.

Idiot Guy
Binatone Broadband Support

----- Original Message ----- From: "Daniel McGiff" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 1:04 PM
Subject: Binatone Broadband Technical Support Request TSQ1323

> Thank-you for your support enquiry. The details you have submitted are
> below.
> A copy of this email has also been forwarded to Binatone Broadband
> Technical Support.
> Name: Daniel McGiff
> Email:
> Telephone: 07906 343875
> Fax:
> Support Enquiry ID: TSQ1323
> Serial Number: BB34607304
> Operating System: Other
> Problem: I cannot get my ADSL 500 modem to work with the provided drivers
> on linux. The drivers appear to install o.k. but the modem will not sync
> or even attempt to do so it will however on windows. I have tried both
> suse and mandrake distros.
> I would be grateful for your assistance in this matter
> ---------------------------------------------------

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Stuopid CS Replies

It's my understanding that the answer is correct, though a little vague.

I was under the impression that the drivers would only work on Redhat systems (and related platforms) and with the first generation model of the modem.

IE, generation 2 modems couldn't function with them.
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Stuopid CS Replies

It may be correct, but it is essentially repeating what I have said. That the driver doesn't work on newer linuxes!
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Stuopid CS Replies

All too common. All you want is for someone to actually read what you have said and make some sort of effort to solve it. Instead they send you a standard reply which just proves they are only interested in the number of replies they can make per hour, not in actually helping you. :x