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Still problems with ADSL connection


Still problems with ADSL connection

HI, I am having problem's with my ADSL line disconnecting. I have reported it to F9 and they can't find a fault, BT also can't find a fault!
I have tried my Router at a friends house who uses F9 with no problems.

I have tried a different router at my house with the same disconnection problems.
I also tried to log in with the BT test login and still the same fault.
All this happend when my phone line developed a fault, BT fixed that and now my ADSL is still faulty.

The router log file shows the DSL line going up and down and i dont know what else to do now!!



Still problems with ADSL connection

I've had exactly the same problem .... Happened a number of times on Saturday 20th and again Tues 23rd. Couldn't stay connected for more than about 5 minutes. I'm in Sheffield ... S7. Anyone any ideas?

Still problems with ADSL connection

If you're experiencing problems even when you use the BT test login, then you've shown the problem is not related to Force9. Testing your router at another address has also shown your router is not at fault.

This leaves problems at your exchange (you could use the Usertools site, recently announced, to see if any problems are known of), or with wiring -- which could be BT's wiring or your own wiring (did you use your microfilter and connection cable when you tested the router elsewhere? Have you tried connecting directly to your master socket?).

If the problem came to light following a fault on your line, then it certainly looks like a BT fault. I thought that, if you've exhausted all other possibilities, Force9 would get BT to perform a test on the line -- "Because BT charges £50 + VAT for a 'false' callout it is important that we rule out as much from the above list as possible".

See the ADSL Troubleshooting tutorial for general advice.