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Still no 2mb conection...


Still no 2mb conection...

Hey guys,

Ive been using this site: which was poasted in another topic to check my exchange status etc. It has a date of upgrading to the 2mb lines in July...

Well you guys know what date it is now and still no upgrade. Im torn between paying the £15 to get it done because what im paying now monthly i should have the 2mb service.

But also its a matter of princible that, why should i pay this £15 to get a service that i should have anyway with what im paying... Most part its just fustrating Evil and just wanted to put it down somewhere Wink , what do you guys think i should do?

Cheers, Mike.

Pay the upgrade fee and be done with it? Ivan

Hello Mike,

I can and do TOTALLY understand your feelings and the frustation with the situation. But all I can say is that after having delt with BT professionally as an IT person in my job some years back and knowing how slow BT are at doing ANYTHING. I had no hesitation in paying the £14.99 to get my service upgraded from 512K to 2MB. If you seriously want my opinion then pay the £15 and be done with it, Mike its honestly the best £15 quids worth I've paid for in ages.

If you do a paid for upgrade its normally very fast too, I had mine done within 24hrs (but to be fair I was told it normally takes 7-10 days but thats just to cover themselves just in case!). I have a superb 2MB service and its very reliable and good quality, I dont think you will have any regrets once you have the full 2MB service. Yes! I know BT FOL promisted the upgrade for free but DONT hold your breath!! :lol: (otherwise you'd have shuffled off this mortal coil before you finaly get your freebee) frankly IMO its not worth the stress involved and frankly £15 quid isnt mega bucks for a really good service. Just pay it and be done with it.


Still no 2mb conection...

Thanks for your advice Ivan helped alot! Ive decided to fork out the £14.99, by the time i do get the upgrade through waiting i could of been enjoying months of a 2mb line! Tongue . As you said its not really big bucks and its worth it for what ill be getting in return Wink . Just hope i get the full bandwith out of it, not exacly close to my exchange but i have a good conection now with my 512k when they said it would be iffy so i should be ok! In my experiance with computers and advice its best to see for yourself which i will do in 7 - 10 days lol.


Replying Ivan

Hi Mike,

My experience was that I had a stable and reliable 512K BB connection and that when I upgraded to the 2MB Premier service the same remained true. My line has continued to be stable and reliable since the upgrading process.

**However, I do suggest that you goto the samknows website and run an exchange search either via postcode or telephone number. This should tell you which exchange your connection is with, how far away from your property etc. But most important check which services your BT exchange offers, dont forget line length and line distance from the BT exchange do influence the kind and quality of the ADSL service you will eventually recieve in actuality.

**Also NOTE: the service is talked of as a 2MB service but like any TCP/IP connection this is only the theoretical maximum bandwidth possible. In reality a small amount of bandwidth is used to guarentee the quality of your connection and this is typically between 3-5% of the bandwidth (this is called the overhead) so on my 2MB connection I normally see downlink stats of 1.89MB or 1.9MB's and occationally when line conditions are almost perfect 2.1MB but that is only occationally.

**Once you have your 2MB service up and working I also suggest that you optimise your connection to get the best out of it. This can be done using a small freeware tool from look for TCPOptimiser, download and run the tool and there is a button that allows the tool to automatically tweak the MTU value so you get the best speeds possible for your individual line conditions & setup.

**If you need any more assistence happy to help, just PM me or post again.