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Stand up and be counted - Register your demand for ADSL


Stand up and be counted - Register your demand for ADSL

Dear customer,

If you want high-speed Internet access from Force9 but your local telephone exchange does not currently support ADSL, you can now make a real difference.

Broadband ADSL availability now covers as much as 70% of the UK population, but is it available in your area? If not, you can play a part in getting your local area ‘ADSL-enabled’, simply by registering your demand at the Force9 Portal website -

If you’re still waiting for high-speed broadband Internet to arrive in your area, register your demand for ADSL via our online form and we’ll submit your details to BT. If the demand in your area is high enough, BT will investigate upgrading your exchange and you can signup for broadband ADSL.

Stand up and be counted to help expand Broadband Britain into your area - you don’t need to pay any deposit and there’s no obligation to buy!

Visit the Portal and register today to make a difference at your exchange -

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