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Speed upgrade - non event


Speed upgrade - non event

HI all,
I was upgraded from 512kb last month in the July 'upgrade to the fastest speed available' upgrades.
My ADSL modem/router (Draytek Vigor 2600) says the line is now 1Mb but I have seen no change on surfing or download speeds.
At work I have a 2Mb F9 ADSL and some sites ( etc) give me 200k download but the best i can get out of mine is 61k.
I've ran the F9 ADSL speed check and the BT speed check and I get results comparible to 512k.
Has something not been changed on my account/line?
I am wary of reporting this on the F9 portal as it says there is a charge?!
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Speed upgrade - non event

I had the same problem - rebooting the router sorted it.


Speed upgrade - non event


if the reboot doesnt work then raise a ticket for F9 support who should update your account to be able to use the faster speeds. There should not be a charge for this, so in the unlikely event that they try and charge you make sure you complain about it Wink

The portal system will charge you, so dont use that Smiley

Speed upgrade - non event


Part of F9's new corporate lets say theres a charge and get them off our back.....I had 128 log in attempts one day (via my modem and so says F9) due to disconnections.

I had to ring BT my self because whatever imformation you give F9, unless its the std 16 they ask, the new support staff have no idea. Funny how I have been away 5 days and I was still much more check your lines/ new router crap or your PC (it would disconnect when no PC's switched on).

Been disconnected if the phone rang was one of the problems....but no one could answer why if i picked the phone up (if i had been disconnected) my SYN light would go continuous and then I could connect!

Now either BT was still working on the problem after there visit ( they checked the connections at my house and the main feeder box 1/2 mile away) or something at F9 side was actually wrong!

All I know I was about to return my modem/router as the problem...

2M as standard

I heard about the free upgrade process and read that when you get upgraded, F9 will email you.
I checked my exchange and found it was due to be upgraded in August.
Having heard nothing, yesterday I rebooted by router and lo and behold - upgraded from 512k to 2M.
Guess I'll get the email in due course!

Another upgrade without F9 notification

Following a visit to the BT web site I found that my exchange was due to be upgraded in August. After rebboting my router I also found that I had magically been upgraded to 2MB without an email from F9 too. Having said that it is a free upgrade :-).

Perhaps F9 should have a health warning about their notification service and suggest that customers get a more definitive position from the BT web site?

Speed upgrade - non event

I believe F9 has to wait on BT to notify them when an exchange\line has been upgraded. It seems the posted BT schedule is only a very rough guide as to when the work will be done, and BT may not be prompt in geting back to F9. Thats why some people are having reports of their line upgraded, but F9 have not yet unthrottled.
If you find your line has been upgraded (unless F9 have sent you the confirmation E-Mail) you can notify F9 yourself by ticket to get your account unthrottled.
You could also check your line speed prior to this by using the adsl speed checker.
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Speed upgrade - non event

I got an email saying I was now on 2M but the F9 speed check said I was getting data at ADSL 1000 speeds. So I checked the line at and this confirmed that I get 1M.
The strange thing is that there is another line into the house and that gets 2M with no problems at all. I asked support why and they said it was because one line was better then the other.
I told them that both lines were the same distance from the exchange (expected as both go to the same house) in fact both come from the same BT connection box (big green thing outside house) that's only 30 yards away. I have yet to get a reply from Force9 with a reason why I can't get 2M. I have asked BT why but they were no help at all.