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Speed Test


Speed Test

Hi guys

This is aimed at the admins really but i guess anyone else may be able to help. I've had my line updated to 2mb on the routine updates that BT were doing, that was over a week ago now. My router is telling me I am connected at 2mb but every test I do online the speed comes up the same as a 1.5 mb connection.

I have looked at raising a ticket so that I could inform someone at FOL but I can't find the appropriate category I did try ringing aswell but it was busy for some time.

If any FOL admins see this could they point it to someone at FOL accounts and let them know please, I would very greatful.
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Speed Test

Hi there,

Have you tried any BT Speedtests at all? These don't use any of our network so is really useful in determining where the problem might lie.

The instructions for the test can be found at