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Some more advice please!

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Some more advice please!

What the biggest harddrive you can get in a labtop.

Thing is, got a load of tunes i want to be mobile .
Whats gonna be half decent to sort this out, nothing else is gonna be on the labtop just tunes. needs to hold about 2500 12" singles, any ideas?

cheers phil.....

Some more advice please!

I would work this as follows:[list=1]
  • Decide on a codec and compression ratio / bit rate (it's the bit rate which will go towards determining the space required -- eg 128kbps)

  • Estimate an average length for each track 3mins? (=> 180s) 4 mins? (=>240s)

  • Given that you have estimated a total of 2500 tracks you can now estimate the space required to store them at the given compression.[/listShocked]So, assuming 2500 tracks of average length 240s at a bitrate of 128kbps:

    1 track of 240s at 128k bits/s => 31,457,280 bits => 3,932,160 bytes
    (I've assumed that 128k bits means 128 * 1024 bits -- not sure if this is true of audio formats, but it's a safer assumption than reckoning on 128 * 1000 bits)

    So if 1 track requires 3,932,160 bytes, 2500 tracks will require 9,830,400,000 bytes.

    Now, disk manufacturers use 1MB = 1,000,000 bytes and 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes because it makes their disks seem bigger.

    Therefore, a 10GB drive should hold your tracks, based on the assumptions made (average length 4 mins, 128kbps compression and 2500 tracks).
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    Some more advice please!

    I have seen laptops with 60 gig hard drives but I'm sure in another 6 months they'll be up to 180. Shortly after that you wont find one with less than a terabyte probably!