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Some Good News


Some Good News

Hi all
Just want to say (cos it seems it's all problems here) that I just had my 4th ADSL installation from PlusNet/F9 and it went like a dream!
Got my Binatone ADSL 500, 2 splitters and some instructions.
Put the CD in, installed the drivers.
Plugged the modem in, correctly ID'd.
Made the changes on the F9 sheet.
Surfed the net with a grin :-)

Why 4th install? Well I had one ages ago at a previous address, and I've got a couple of 2Mb ADSL installs for companies I work for.

I have no complaints about any of them.

Keep up the good work!


WinXPpro on AMD2800+,1Gb RAM, 260Gb HDD,17" TFT,Binatone500adsl,two cats and one pheasant.