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Solwise SAR-110 Router - Helpful Information


Solwise SAR-110 Router - Helpful Information

Just thought I'd post a quick topic, since there doesn't seem to be much action on these forums !

Anyways - this thread is basically for anyone who has the Router package (Solwise SAR-110) that comes with free-online.

I had a few configuration problems with mine the other day, and after I solved them, I figured that having a thread on the Free-online forums may not be a bad idea for users to discuss solutions/work-arounds and share useful tips.

If you're an experienced user of the Solwise Router, then please look elsewhere - I'm trying to do newbies a favour here, and am not looking to be "flamed" Smiley

Of course, if you've managed to block internet connection via your router, and have no other method of getting online (e.g. via a connection at work) then the following info won't be much use - fortunately I did !

Useful URL 1:

This is the Solwise forum, and the link above will take you directly to information relating to the SAR 110. It has forum moderators who are staff at Solwise and they can help answer most/all of your queries. Also, if your Router has crashed during a firmware upgrade and thus "fried" the router entirely, they can offer you information about how to send it to them and get a "flash reloading" that will solve all your problems.

Useful URL 2:

This is a site set up by a user of the Solwise forums who has basically accumulated all the useful information about the SAR 110 off the forums, and melded it into one very handy website. He is also co-incidentally the person who replied to my post for help on the forum and solved my problem !!

There is information about how to safely "stealth" your router from other PC's and other very useful configuration tips.

Hope this info helps ! If anyone has any other links or suggestions to add - please post away !



RE: Solwise SAR-110 Router - Helpful Information

Hi there,
Thanks for the information! I'm sure other Free-Online users will find this an excellent resource.
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