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Solwise, My server, setting up of: (Never ending saga) :)


Solwise, My server, setting up of: (Never ending saga) :)

I am not sure if its actually worth posting this here, as I imagine the denizens of this forum also inhabit the newsgroups, but I am getting really frustrated over this. (also posted in the Solwise forum where I was referred to the advanced CLI userguide. THAT may as well be written in saanskrit for all I understand! Smiley To summarise:

OK, Heres my sorry story

I am still using the 3com Router we originally got, until I can get this sorted.

I have a block of 4 IP addresses as issued by F9, (No NAT??)
I have a home network, and one of my machines is set up as a server.

Now, a rather pleasant chappie at F9 called Josh suggested I set up a rule that gave the local IP of the server and put that on the 3rd IP in my block for in and out. (Am I making sense?) I have done that, and, theroretically, the outside world should now be able to type http://myurl and get sent straight to my web server, or put my URL into their FTP prog and go to my FTP server. Now, the FTP works (after a fasion) but only with IP address, and the web sends them not to my server, but to my router admin login. (not a good idea I am told) So, there is problem 1. (All machines are set correctly with fixed local IP addresses and either the router address as DNS or direct F9 DNS address and secondary)

Problem 2. On my main machine, I like to use progs for chat and videochat. However, the ports seem to be blocked. On the 3Com, which I am running now, its dead simple. the local IP of my main machine is in one section to allow full two way traffic (DMZ?) and the http and FTP server IPs are in the relevant boxes in the admin config to allow server use, (Which is working)

So, after all this waffle, problem 2, can I put the other machine, on a different local IP, using the main IP completely in a DMZ so all ports are open? (The machine itself is firewalled and virus protected)

Tech Stuff:
Windows XP on main machine and lappy that also uses my network, Fixed IPs of on main, on lappy
Windows XP, Indigoperl, Mysql for windows and some random FTP server software on the server. Local IP is

SAR 110 router using the latest (well June issue) firmware.

Hopefully I have given enough information. Is it fixable? or possible? or am I destined to using this problematical 3Com to achieve my ends?

I have just ordered a domain to attach to my spare IP/Server, but I believe that it is going to be the same as attaching the sever local IP to the spare IP isn't it?

I would also like to point out that I have nothing but the greatest respect for the team at F9 for all the help they have given (or tried to give) on this as this is not something in their support remit! Thanks guys!

Dont know if this helps you or not?


I had a striking thought as I read your thread, I did my windows2000 MCSE training during 2000 to 2001. I specifically did training & studies on the windows 2000 server, Advanced server, Data center server, windows2000 Pro and windowsXP Pro products. I just have a horrible feeling that what your trying to achieve is far to ambitious for a windowsXP box. In the sense that well Yes! you can try using winXP to operate in the role as a server. But to be honest with you from all my training I would suggest that its really not well suited to the job your trying to achieve with it this is what came to mind as a read what you had written.

**WinXP pro even on compatible hardware is NOT really designed to work as a server. You would be far better off with a server specific box which is designed from the ground upwards to run both FTP,HTTP services.

**Its a well known fact amongst IT professionals that getting internet relay chat & netmeeting type video applications working smoothly through a firewall, or router or proxy is NOT a simple or easy task. One only has to have a look at this subject on Microsofts own site to quickly grasp this. However there are ways to make this work but as far as I am aware this requires that you allows specific ports on your router or firewall to be opened & closed. Hope this might be of some limited help?

Regards Ivan

Solwise, My server, setting up of: (Never ending saga) :)

Its sorted now! I had missed a vital setting, and for some reason, http://mydomain was being sent to the LAST in my block of IP addresses.

First I had to attach the local IP of my server to the third in my IP range.
Then I had to set up a rdr rule to send port 80 both in and out from the external IP to the local IP, and also the same with port 21.
Now, both web and ftp can be reached by IP, and from 4am, will be reached via the new domain name that has beedn attached to the server spare external IP address, which is attached to the server local IP. Then I simply redirected ports on the main IP to my progs to enable videochat progs on my main machine. Now I am a happy bunny and will be sorted when the domain kicks in at 4