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Slow connection speed (not packet loss)


Slow connection speed (not packet loss)


Ever since the problems at the weekend my ADSL has only been connecting at 259Kb/s this is the speed shown on the connection properties box.
I was advised by C/S to switch of my computer and disconnect my ADSL line from the machine for 30 mins to reset the DSLAM.

I have tried this several times, each time leaving it for longer. But I still have the same problem. Any other suggestions before I raise another ticket?

Or should I wait till the Connectivity goes green in the Service Status page?

RE: Slow connection speed (not packet loss)

I have had the same problems and as you since this weekend.

I rebooted my modem and things seemed to improve but tail off again quickly.

I think its just a Free-online problem. I do seem to get patches of low connectivity speeds. Mainly free-online are ok but I'll try another DSL supplier next year. I thought all DSL suppliers would be the same as they all use BT but the front end equipment may make a difference.

I'll watch here in case there is another solution.

They keep closing my problem tickets when they egt to be a certain age !
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RE: Slow connection speed (not packet loss)

Hi There,

As you may be aware, the physical connection with ADSL is made between you and the BT exchange. This is where the actual connection speed of the modem is setup and as such if your modem itself is reporting a slow speed this is not a problem relating to the ISP, but the connection itself.

If you check out the Speed Tester (Under the My connection link of the portal), the results from this may be useful. Otherwise please do raise this matter via a Contact Us ticket on your account and we will happily log this problem with BT on your behalf. I can assure you that there is ample capacity on the Free-Online network and the reports of problems from the many thousands of Free-Online ADSL users is currently at an all time low!

With regard to closing tickets after a certain time, I've looked at this and can see that we passed back some information to you. When we do this you either have the choice to re-escalate or close the problem. If you don't touch it after 10 days we will close it for you, presuming that any question r problem you had has been resolved.

With Regards,

Ian Wild
PlusNet Customer Support