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Slow Connection Problems


Slow Connection Problems

I connect to F9 Broadband via BT Voyager 100 USB ADSL Modem

I use Windows XP sp2 - Sygate Firewall - Spyware Blaster - AdAware SE Pro - Ad Watch

When I click on the Internet Explorer Icon on my desktop to connect to the Internet, most times it takes a long time to get connected. Sometimes nothing happens and I have to satrt again.

Sometimes the Windows screen showing me the connection details comes up and is "greyed out"

It seems to me that there may be some sort of conflict somewhere but I don't know what or where.

Can anyone help please. :roll:

Slow Connection Problems

Hi dvjver,

I have a similar type of setup with XP box using a D-Link ADSL modem 512K broadband connection. Yes! I think you will tend to find that when you attempt to connect and login to Plusnet F9 with your modem the connection process can be quite slow, getting fully authenticated with username & password etc but once this is done the connection is pretty good and fairly stable.

**Not sure which bits or settings are greyed out that you are refering too? Obviously if your failing to get connected then some of your settings might be wrong or possibly missing. Do you get any obvious error messages?

**PS: Just a foot note, Spyware Blaster is a complete and utter waste of time and it wont protect your system at all. Sadly, the creators of this software make great claims for it, most of it is hype. In reality I tested this software and it consistently failed to protect my machine from any spyware wot so ever, failed to protect against homepage hijacking and there is 100% no proof that it can protect you during file downloads either. This software might look good but its complete waste of space and I removed it after it failed all prolonged testing.

Spyware blaster can also lull users into a false sense of security, you think the software is protecting you when in reality its not. It also failed to protect against very aggressive dialler programs & trojens too, so take care.


Slow Connection Problems

Hi Ivan

Thanks for your reply

The screen I was refering to is the "Internet Connection " screen in Windows

Sometimes thism just seems to freeze on the screen for a long time as if my computer is searching for something but not finding it. I don't get obviouse error messages though.

Interesting comment about Spyware Blaster. As you are aware it is from the same people as Spyware Search and Destroy and Spyware Guard all of which I run. I don't seem to have had any problems so far that I know of but that's not to say that I won't given your commenys is it.

What do you suggest I use instead.
I have bought the Adaware SE Pro and Adwatch and they do sem to work well so I would not want to ditch them.

Look forward to your thoughts. Whilst your at it, although I have ticked the box on this thread for "Notify Me When A Reply Is Posted" I do not get any notifications. Any Ideas why??

Look forward to your reply

Slow Connection Problems

Hello Again Dvjver,

No! its very hard for me to make a more precise diagnosis of whats happening with your dialup connections behaviour without actually seing how it behaves. All I can say is that dialup ADSL connections are quite strange anyway, my broadband modem emulates an ISDN connection in terms of windows and of course an ADSL connection doesnt really dial a number anyway. Yes! as I said ADSL dialup connections can be quite slow to complete the authentication process. So No! sorry I dont know whats causing the dialup connection process to freeze like that. Yes! your machine might be taking time to form a connection if you have the wrong or incorrect DNS settings which means your machine might be taking a long time to finally find an F9 server to authenticate your username & password thats about the only thing I can think of right now.

**On the F9 portal I beleive there are details of your connection which should tell you which F9 DNS servers your machine should use to authenticate your connection/s, these are stated as IP address's of the servers in question.

**Spyware Search & Destroy has a reasonable reputation and I have had good reports from other people that use this package ( I wasnt drawn to it myself as I didnt like the interface) so nothing wrong with that program

**However I definitely DONT (wouldnt) trust Spyware Blaster, nor Spyware Guard, nor their Browser Hijack Blaster either.

**AdAware SE is completely excellent, I'm using the freeware version of this application and it truely delivers what the makers claim. The interface is well designed and intuitive & user friendly, the webupdate has always worked perfectly every time. This program has saved my system numerous times, and is an essential piece of software for any broadband user.

**I suggest that instead of depending upon any of the spyware blaster type programs that you spend some time looking carefully through your browser security settings as many of these can be disabled or changed to make your system far less vulnerable to attacks from internet junk & nasties.

**If you wanted to go one step futher beyond browser settings, its possible to secure windows XP even more bye turning off many of windows system services but this does need to be done with care & knowledge, but the results are very worthwhile.


Slow Connection Problems

Hi Cyteck

Thanks for your help again.

Much apreciated