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Slow Connection - Friday (25-7-03) & Sat (26-7-03)

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Slow Connection - Friday (25-7-03) & Sat (26-7-03)


I recently have been getting download speeds reaching a max of about 15kb/s. I normally get speeds of aroung 50 - 70kb/s

Anyone got this problem or know a reason for this. i have looked on the service status on the portal with no luck.

Any ideas?

Slow Connection - Friday (25-7-03) & Sat (26-7-03)

mines been like this since install, although its most likely unrelated, let me know how you get on.

Yes But!!


Your comments are correct & Yes! I too have being experiencing terrible download speeds but I have a feeling that if you read the most recent announcements Re: BT ADSL scheduled work (i.e. work to BT's ADSL platform ) then some of the speed issue becomes clearer and after this maintinence work should I would expect things to be better.

Recent downloads have been utterly unacceptable especially when your paying for such a so called high speed high bandwidth service (NOT blaming F9 here either). Let hopes things do improve soon. Come on BT !!!

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Slow Connection - Friday (25-7-03) & Sat (26-7-03)

Interesting... This isn't something that is being particualrily widely reported, and we are still 4th in the latest ADSLGuide Speed comparisons, so I would guess that this isn't somehting everyone is experiancing.

I think waiting until the MTU upgrades on BT's network is a good idea, but can't help thinking it might be worth looking into this some more.

Really, all I can do is point you to some resources that might help us
pin this down:

ADSLGuide (PlusNet) Discussion on MTU Values:

Our Support Page about MTU Values:

Both of the above may be negated shortly due to the changes being made as
we speak on BTs network. This might be worth a try though as a lot of
people who have seen speed problems on DSL have found a solution with

You can also use the following links to provide us with more
consistent information about the problem:

ADSLGuide Speed Tester:

Our Own Speed Tester:

The overall results from the speed testers should give us a decent
indication of the speeds your connection is capable of. This rules out
that you are simply experiencing slower speeds caused by the available
bandwidth at the other side of the link.


Slow Connection - Friday (25-7-03) & Sat (26-7-03)

Your current bandwidth reading is:


which means you can download at 10.49 KB/sec. from our servers.


Slow Connection - Friday (25-7-03) & Sat (26-7-03)

:shock: Have you tried tweaking your settings?

Slow Connection - Friday (25-7-03) & Sat (26-7-03)

did do, right now it's ok...

it went full speed the tuesday after i posted this so must have been something out of my control

(tested with different hardware but made no different)