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Sky TV - shoddy service - avoid


Sky TV - shoddy service - avoid

Just had satellite installed by Sky and I have never experienced a more shoddy service.

Each and every step of the process has been a complete joke. I think there have been 20 seperate points on which Sky and their installers have screwed up.

For example, the Sky website would not accept the sort code of my bank account, even though I triple checked it and it works without problems on dozens of other websites.

Today I had my 'dish' installed by Sky Tech Services Limited. I put 'dish' in inverted commas, because the installers just used my neighbours dish. I told them I didn't want that.

When I tried to ring Sky to say I didn't want that, I was kept on hold for 20 minutes. What followed was a farcical discussion in which the representative insisted I was getting a new dish whereas I could see with my own eyes and the installers themselves admitting that I wouldn't.

Sky then got the manager of the installers to ring them and the installer told the manager that I would get a new dish - while I was standing next to him.

Still they were using the neighbours.

I rang Sky again on their 0870 number and, after hanging on for ages, Sky first said I DID have a new dish and when I insisted I didn't she changed her story and said I would not get my own dish on "environmental grounds" and I'd have to share my neighbours dish.

Now, a few hours later, I can't access most channels on Sky.

I have tried to ring the installers on both the numbers they gave me, which they said I could call anytime for help, and both the numbers are dead!

Can't believe this joke of a company is allowed to operate in this country.

Sky TV - shoddy service - avoid

Sky is the biggest joke I have ever experienced. Instead of hype-ridden ads, they should focus on providing quality service.

I am currently holding onto their 0870 line which has cost me so much money over the last few days.

Finally arranged for somebody to come today and Sky promised me we'd get our own dish as the channels were not working. Guy just walked into the flat, didn't speak to us, looked at the tele, went on the roof and then, a few minutes later came down. He said "problem solved" and started walking off. I asked him whether he'd installed the new dish and he said no, it wasn't his responsibility, and just walked off.

Our channels are still not working! I'm astounded that Sky can treat customers like this.