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Sheffield's Most Haunted Pub


Sheffield's Most Haunted Pub


The other night I was looking around the site and found your webcams. Looking at one of them (Application Development 3) made me think of the webcams on Most Haunted Live! The room at the back had some red lights flashing and had a glow eminating from it occasionally (like watching the TV with the lights off). :shock:

Then I wondered if it was close to any haunted places and found this nice looking public house called Carbrook Hall. Which according to them is Sheffield's most haunted public house and is just up the road too!

Have there been any funny goings on in the evening at the Technology centre? Will anyone be in there on Halloween?! :shock:

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Sheffield's Most Haunted Pub

Yes it is just up the road from PlusNet. Bout 5 mins by foot.

It does have an odd atmosphere sometimes in some parts of the pub but i think its just imagination since its known to be haunted.

Not far away is one called the Noose and Gibbit, which is where someone got hung apparently, but a Sheffielder will probably be able to give more details than I will.


Sheffield's Most Haunted Pub

I tried to look at the video footage on that site but just get "RealMedia error" :? I'm using Media Player Classic, maybe that's the problem.

update: Works ok now if I download the file then run it from there Cheesy