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Shared Drive - Advice needed

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Shared Drive - Advice needed

My house shares a drive with the house next door. Ive never liked this very much and would like to put a fence up. My neighbour has put her house up for sale which makes me more keen to get on with things.

The houses are both semis (although not connected) and share a drive down to our garden gates. There was no record when the houses where built (1939) stating right of way or anything but a document created between the then owners of the houses grants right of way. We can walk down it or drive down it but not park cars on each others land.

We own one half of the land and her the other. There is no joint ownership.

I'd like to put a fence up, stopping people coming onto my land but I'd agree right of way if needed, although there is about a meter of land at each side so I dont see that it would ever be a problem.

Does anyone see a problem with this and does anyone have any useful advice? I'd imagine she might complain, but at the same time other than for loading and unloading its of little use for a vehicle.

As I've said shes selling her house, its just gone on the market and there are no offers. Ours is freehold but I dont know about hers.

Theres a diagram here -


Shared Drive - Advice needed

Have pMd you if the land is owned jointly then the boundery should be right down the middle but needs to be defined legaly