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Setting up internet security


Setting up internet security

I've just signed up for F9 broadband (been an F9 user for 7 years) and am waiting for the line activation and hardware to arrive. What security do I need to set up on my internet connection to dissuade breaches?

(I have a Belkin 4 port + wireless broadband router, and am getting the 1 port ADSL modem from F9. (I've already set up the wireless so it will only accept known MAC addresses.))

Setting up internet security

Is that actually a router that you're getting from Force9? As such, it will almost certainly provide NAT by default (and your Binatone wireless router may do so also). Even without a separate firewall, NAT will afford you a reasonable measure of protection in that hosts outside your network will not be able to initiate sessions to your local hosts.

With NAT in place, you will have time to learn about any features the router might have regarding a firewall, and/or to implement software firewalls (such as ZoneAlarm or Microsoft Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) on your local hosts.

The Essential Security Software tutorial gives an overview of the security measures you may wish to review.

Wireless Security protocols


This is just an additional comment ontop of the excellent advise that TASK has already given. Please be aware that if you are using wireless connectivity then its important that you dont just install the dafault W.E.P (wireless Equivalent Privacy) protocol without changing the default or basic settings that come with the device. Ufortunately the dafault WEP settings are extremely insecure and would or could leave a user or systems unprotected from someone who might attempt to breach your machine or network.

**Have a look at any documentation that comes with your wireless device and check how to change the basic WEP settings,once changed the WEP settings should be fine. Its only insecure if they are NOT changed.

**I believe that you can use IPSEC as an alternative to WEP if you dont feel comfortable with wep.

Ivan Cool