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Setting up home website server


Setting up home website server

ive got a spare computer wired to LAN but i want to host my website(s) on it, ive got domains but how can i put PHP, SQL etc. on the computer so that it runs for my web server? i managed to set up Guild FTP roughly so i could log into a folder.

Setting up home website server

I think the first things we need are details such as, what OS are you using and how have you configed it so far?

The other bit you want to take into account is loopback. You will need this if you are planning on using anything such as a forum, or even a cms etc.
Basically what happens is you set it up and enter the domain and without the loopback the site sends you to and what you will get is the login popup or screen for your router.

So what we need to do is allow for you to be able to view your sites using which can be done by simply getting a adsl modem which then is bridged over to a router which in turn serves your LAN.

Anyway let us know and we can see if we can help. Also I think this may be better suited to another board and will therefore move this thread.


Setting up home website server

What operating system would be best? i can get what ever is needed (pretty much)

Setting up home website server

For my server at home I use windows serevr 2003. But thats personal choice and preference as I havent really used Linux before or BSD for that matter.

If you use windows then I would certainly be able to help a lot more, where as mentioned above if you use linux or BSD im not in a position to comment on server configurations but only the loopback required to get it working properly.
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Setting up home website server

XAMPP from:

is a prepackaged version of Apache, PHP, MySQL and one or two other things that you need.

If you get a version of Linux (Suse is good) then you can choose what to install and leave the rest to the installer with Linux. However, you'll still have lots of grief with setting up security on the box.

The XAMPP distribution has a Windows installer which is great. One click and installs the lot and web interface too - well worth giving a try on your usual desktop machine.

regards, Ian