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Setting up a domain - questions about www and mail

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Registered: 30-07-2007

Setting up a domain - questions about www and mail

I've registered a domain with F9 but I want to check the way it's defined because there's a slight anomaly at present.

For ease of reference, let's suppose the domain is called

In the "Domain hosting" section, it's defined as "Default" (rather than "Other - DNS") and I've pointed it to /htdocs/subdir/, which seems to access a sub directory of the www.<username> web space, as required. In fact the index.htm in that subdir is a redirection to my fp.<username> web space because that's where the site is hosted, but domains can't (so it seems) point directly to fp webspace.

A web address works fine. However points to somewhere else - the root of my ccgi.<username> web space. Could it be a legacy of the way that F9 originally set up the domain: I notice that there are DNS records "www CNAME" and "www CNAME" (the latter with a dot after it). Should these DNS records be removed: is the setup saying than "" goes to the subdir of the www space but the specific case "" goes to which seems to be an alias for ccgi.<username>

Next question: setting up email forwarding. I want email sent to <anything> to go to a non-Force9 email address. How is this achieved? Do I leave the "Mail setting" as "POP" or do I change it to "Other - DNS"? If I change it to DNS, what information should I supply? I presume I need to supply the mail server (the POP server?) that hosts the mail account, together with the mail account name. But in what form should this information be specified? I believe it's something to do with MX records.