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Setting up a Zoom X4 Modem


Setting up a Zoom X4 Modem


I want to connect my computer to this modem using usb, and also a xbox.
I would like to know if anyone knows the settings for this modem. I had
problems using my binatone 500 modem, which would not work for a few
days due to driver problems, so i used the X4, but i am new to this modem
and are not sure what to do to set it up, as i could not get it to connect either
in usb or ethernet.


Setting up a Zoom X4 Modem

You may be in luck. I purchased an Zoom X4 modem when I first signed up to ADSL. So I'll do what I can to help.

I needed to connect the USB port to my desktop and the ethernet to my Laptop (before I got a switch). The modem is more than capable of handling your requirements. Although I am not sure of what specifics you would need to setup on the Xbox.

If I recall it was pretty much plug n play for me.

1) I installed the USB modem
2) I installed the USB drivers to the desktop.
3) I cannected the ethernet port to my Laptop (read here Xbox).
4) I configured my Login details into the Modem.

... and DHCP did the rest by assigning the IPs as needed.

For the record the Zoom ADSL USB port doesnt actually make the Modem work like the Binatone (and most other) USB modems, i.e. requireing login through windows etc.

The driver 'tricks' windows into thinking this is an 10mbps Ethernet port and all the login details are stored in the Modem. And so windows treats it as an extra ethernet port.

Can you post what version of the firmware you are using as the new firmware is quite different form the old?

Regards, Peter

Setting up a Zoom X4 Modem

By the way just for the record, its a good modem but my first X4 blew up during a storm :?

I desparately needed a new Modem so I ran down to PCWorld and they only had X3's left (but £15 cheaper and without the USB port).

Me being the inquisitive person I am, opened the case of the modem when I got home and behold it was exactly the same as the X4 internally, just the cheeky guys at Zoom covered the port up with a backing plate and used a installed a different firmware. (and charged joe public 15 qiud extra for the privalige).

I took it upon myself to remove the backing plate and upgrade the firmware to the X4 version, and guess what.... its works and has all the functionality of an X4 including USB Cool

Please note this is for informational purposed only and should not be done as it WILL void your warranty. :twisted:

I will post exactly what screen shots I need to help you set it up.