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Setting up FTP


Setting up FTP

I'm trying to set my PC up as a server, so my Daughter can down load MP3s ect from me directly over the internet
How would I find out my FTP Address ? or isn't it that simple
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Setting up FTP

Your IP address may vary depending on which account you have. I have a fixed IP address which can be found in My Account, Connection Settings. If you have a fixed IP it should be straight forward when your machine is set up as a server. You could use the Windows webserver or one of the dedicated FTP programs.



Setting up FTP

Thanks, Found it!
I'm connected through a router-modem ( netgear 814 ) with an IP address of its own, Does this need to be included somwhere ?

On FTP & IP's and Hostnames

Hello Senior,

I agree with the previous person, if your account is of the dialup modem type its going to be very hard to achieve the stated goal, as each time you dialup your machine will receive a new and often different IP address. This is because dialup type accounts work via a DHCP server from the ISP (F9 in this case or any other ISP in question). You could think of this abit like receiving a new telephone number each time you want to make a phone call, this makes it extremely difficult to know where to FTP files too. So you definately would require a Fixed IP address (fixed IP's are commonly associated with ADSL broadband type accounts, both here at F9 and also other ISP's).

So OK assuming you have got a FIxed IP address, I strongly suggest that you use an FTP client program such as perhaps Cute FTP, CoreFTP or FreeFTP or CoffeeCups FTP (freeware or shareware) all are easily to find & download & install.

All of these FTP client programs will require you to give (in the settings or configuration of the program) either your servers IP address or whats called its hostname (the unique ID name given to your server or machine) this is needed for Name Resolution or name lookup purposes otherwise your FTP program & machine (or your daughter's machine) wont be able to find or locate your server or the FTP site (FTP server containing the files your want). Or know where to locate your own server inorder to place the files she wants to send to you.

**So to recap a FIxed IP is required to make life bearable in this situation and
and FTP client program and the correct FTP address for name resolution. Your own server has to also be setup for FTP access. (to be available for inbound FTP access) or setup as an FTP server. Hence windows webserver or in windows 2003 server something like IIS (internet information server), most good webserver software allows FTP services to be setup.

**You might need to create a public accessible folder for FTPing files to on your own server machine such as "servername/www/public/ftp" and this would need to have the correct security permissions setup on it, inorder to prevent external users gaining further access to your machine. Its also common for private companies or users to setup usernames & passwords on such folders if the files are of a more sensitive nature but most dont require this if they are for example just driver files or virus signature update files ect.

Ivan Cool

Setting up FTP

Thanks for such a detailed reply
I am still having no luck!
I do have a static WAN IP Adress with force9, Do I need to include my local IP adress from my router somehow ?

Setting up FTP

After Trying agin my client is getting the message:
Connecting to ***.***.**.** &
Connected with ***.***.**.**. Waiting for welcome message... !
Any Ideas ?


Hello Again Senior,

OK the waiting for a welcome message means that your specific connection hasnt been validated completely or your connection to the FTP server hasnt been able to get a socket at the server itself but the result is the same you wont have a complete working FTP connection yet but your 99% there though.

I'd check the following items 1) recheck your username & password 2) check you have the correct winsock file version (but this is less likely to be the problem). Check you have the correct hostname or IP address for the FTP server and that your trying to connect via port 21.

If your using a router to connect with F9 and the FTP server you will need to ensure that port number 21 is enabled (this is the port number for the FTP service itself) routers usually have X2 IP address's one for your internal LAN and one for the WAN or public facing internet. Some routers also have network address translation (NAT) and firewalls built into them for extra protection against hackers/crackers. Try with No! NAT mode if possible.

**You usually set the external IP address as your DFG (default gateway) for TCP/IP setting's purposes. Also ensure you have been given the correct subnet mask settings from F9 you may need to know these too.

**In addition I did a google search on this error message here is what others say about this (see below):-

Waiting on welcome message
Waiting on welcome message... means that your FTP is waiting for the server to start an FTP connection. Until the connection is made, the FTP will continue to wait for the welcome message.

If you keep getting this message, contact the server and verify the following:

Host name (The name of the server you should be connecting to).

User name (the user name for that server).

Password (the password for that server).
hope this helps abit? Ivan Cool

Setting up FTP

Thanks Ivan, finally got it working, the missing piece in the jigsaw - when using a router you have to enable port-forwarding & put in the IP address of the PC itself.
But all the information helped, Thanks again!

Setting up FTP

Hello Again Senior,

I'm really pleased to hear that you got to the core of the issue and that its all now working fine, Ah! yes! routers & port forwarding dont you just love it, hours and hours of fun and pain too be had on this one me thinks. Anyway great its working now. Its just that been their got the T-shirt etc. Sometimes I do wonder who writes the documentation for routers sometimes (like which planet do they live on??). Well for some routers anyway, happy routing!! in 2005 :lol:

Best Wishes to you!