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Set-Up problems?


Set-Up problems?

Hi, I’m trying to set-up a new ASDL connection but I’m having problems.
I’m using a Conexant PCI internal ADSL card on an XP O/S.

The connection software (AccessRunner DSL) is seeing a DSL connection but I can not connect to the Internet.

I notice that the only PPP available in the drop-down-menu is PPPoE. I know this is not compatible with FreeOnLine connection.

Is this a problem with the Conexant card? With XP? Or have I missed something?

If any-one has had experience with this set-up please let me know.

Thanks in advance, Gareth.
(An idiots set-up guide would be useful.)
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RE: Set-Up problems?


I got my ADSL PCI modem from Free-online, and their guide worked fine. Have you tried following their setup routine?

I also found that a brief 'phone call to the help line solved every problem I had, even when it was me being an idiot! (although the help desk operator very politely didn't say so)

I believe you'll find that Conexant doesn't make modems (they only provide the chip set) so if you can find the name of the modem manufacturer you should be able to download all the necessary drivers from them.

Finally, as I understand the instructions I got, the PPPoE setup is designed the american 'phone system, perhaps someone else will put me right on that.

Hope this helps