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Service Status: DNS Server Improvements


Service Status: DNS Server Improvements

Dear Customers,

Later today we will be changing the primary and secondary DNS server addresses assigned to customers at connection. DNS is the service that a web browser uses to convert a domain name, such as to an IP address (In this case An IP address is similiar to a telephone number and is used to reach any machine on the internet.

We have installed new high powered DNS servers, located at our suite in Telehouse, London. These servers are designed to respond to DNS queries more quickly and with a reduced latency. Previously all DNS requests were served from our hosting centre in Sheffield. This is known to have caused occasional problems, especially for our DSL customers who's connections terminate at Telehouse.

Customers will not normally need to make any changes to take advantage of our imporved DNS servers as most people will be automatically assigned the new settings when they connect. If you have manually set your DNS servers in the past, you should update your settings to see improved perfomance. At this stage there are no plans to remove the current DNS servers from our network, at least in the forseable future.

The details of the new, high performance DNS servers are:

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Please note, these addresses are for our caching name servers only. These servers do not replace the Nameserver addresses assigned to domain names hosted by us.

With Regards,

Customer Support
Regards, Ian Wild