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Server specification?


Server specification?

Is it possible to have - or where can I find - a full specification list of the plusnet server.
Also what is the path used to perl?
Lastly, are there any modules installed?

Many thanks indeed

Server specification?

You didn't state which server.

+net host lots of server, that are used for various needs, includeing news, mail sotrage, mail sending, databased, webserving, cgi, file storing.

If you are refering to the CGI server (which there is a forum for), then here is a rough shot.

The CGI platform is made up of multiple load ballanced servers. At this time, i understand there are only two, with another two coming into service in the furture.

They currently run only Perl and PHP as CGI languages hosted on the server. As for modules, I am unsure of this, though it may change soon, as there seems to be some either missing or incorrectly installed.

Path information has been and still is, available from the customer support link on the left (near bottom).

Some basic details about the server, including PHP settings can be viewed using the phpinfo page (Can be seen here as a time saver).