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Serial ATA Hard drive not picking up in Gigbyte motherboard


Serial ATA Hard drive not picking up in Gigbyte motherboard

Currently rebuilding my main computer with a Gigabyte motherboard which supports serial ATA and IDEs. The plan was to slave the old IDE drive to the serial ATA drive.

But it's not happening. When I fire up the computer, the serial ATA drive is detected on IDE 2, although I have connected it to SATA 1 in the motherboard. I've kept the IDE drive out of the circuit so I'm running a solo drive for problem shooting

When I configure the Bios, it all goes according to the instructions although on exiting, the serial ATA fails to pick up and I receive a message saying IDE1-4 have no detected scans.

I'm really stuck on this one Is there any major oversight which might explain why the hard drive isn't picking up?

SATA & IDE drives Ivan

Hi RJ,

I think you have gotten yourself abit confused here, seriel ATA drives require SATA cables & SATA connectors & should be plugged into the MB in their own SATA connectors ( as I understand it) in other words SATA is not the same as IDE or EIDE. Now you definately can have both SATA, IDE or EIDE drives running on the same system provided the system bios has support for both which most modern boards do bye now.

**I dont think you can slave an old IDE drive off a newer SATA drive?

**Keep things as simple as possible here, I suggest that you make your Primary drive i.e. the boot & system drive (drive 0) the drive which will hold your OS i.e. windows or linux. Use the SATA drive for this C:\ (dont slave anything off the SATA drive)

**If you want to use the older IDE drive within the same machine, just use one of the IDE channels & connectors on the MB i.e. IDE 1 or IDE 2 plus use the normal IDE cables & connectors.

**Check your machine's MB supports both SATA & IDE & EIDE drive types, set the bios to auto-detect or cable select once you have done this, & rebooted the bios should find both SATA & IDE drives without too much difficulty.

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Serial ATA Hard drive not picking up in Gigbyte motherboard

Hi Ivan,

I'll email you off forum if you don't mind.



Serial ATA Hard drive not picking up in Gigbyte motherboard

Hi, just wondering if you have sorted this out?

To get mine to boot off my SATA I had to select RAID as the boot option after CD-ROM drive, even though its SATA and not RAID configured... well it wasnt then anyway Smiley

Hope that helps if you havent already sorted it.


Serial ATA Hard drive not picking up in Gigbyte motherboard

Hi Dan,

Thanks for asking (it gives me hope!).

I've not sorted it out. Partly it is a painstakingly slow process for me because I never did anything during the computer club in skool other than play Frak or Pac Man. As a result, I have to google every technical word I see in order to understand what I am doing.

Here's what I worked out:

The motherboard I have definitely dual SATA and IDE compatible - this is important since I wanted a primary SATA hard drive (400GB!) and a secondary IDE drive (80GB or 40GB which I already had).

The BIOS settings are fine for the SATA only drive which it picks up on IDE2 - this is absolutely okay.

The problem I didn't foresee was that the SATA hard-drive which I bought, was an OEM product . Therefore the required driver was not a part of the package.
It seems I need to download the driver as an ISO image from the web. The driver set-up runs on A:// (floppy) which is unhelpful since it is only 1.44MB and the driver is around 4MB. So I need to work out how to change the Bios settings to boot from the cd-rom - which I've done, yet oddly seems to only read from the A: drive.......

It's way over my technical depth, and I know this is really sad, but just to get this far and see the hard-drive spinning with the blue lights on the mother lighting up without exploding makes me smile Wink

P.S. - it's taken 6 months to get this far...

Best wishes.

Serial ATA Hard drive not picking up in Gigbyte motherboard

Hi, If you let me know the makes and model numbers of the mother board and SATA HDD I may be able to help.

Btw, the drivers are for the SATA controller on your motherboard. Should be one on your motherboard CD which you can put on to floppy.... but chances are there is a more reliable version on the net.

Let me know the mobo model and make as well as who the SATA HDD is made by and take it from there...