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Sending email with Pocket PC 2002


Sending email with Pocket PC 2002

I don't seem to be able to send o=email outside of f9 !! Anyone got any ideas ??

I get an email from sys admin saying that the message recipients are invalid (when they aren't). I can send email within f9 but not outside.....

Any ideas would be great !!

I'm using Outlook on an Ipaq 3970 dialing thorough my T68i via blue tooth......

Help !!


RE: Sending email with Pocket PC 2002

I would imagine that this is because you are not dialling into our network. Maybe you have GPRS?

If this is the case then you will not be able to 'relay' mail through any SMTP server, other than the one which is configured for the network you are using.

If you contact your network / phone dialup provider then they should be able to advise on the correct setting for your outbound mail server. By changing this, you will still be able to collect mail normally from our POP3 server - SMTP is an unauthenticated protocol and has to be locked down in this manner to prevent abuse from spammers.

With Regards,

Ian Wild
F9 Customer support.