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Self managed password for subdirectory security

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Registered: 09-08-2007

Self managed password for subdirectory security

I'm settinig up a site, and want to have a registered users area. My idea is that users will be able to register and set their own userid and password, and then maintain this themself. Once authenticated they will be able to read the files in the private area of my website.

I have a script which can edit .htpasswd entries, but it can only do this on the cgi server. I need somehow to link my .htaccess file on the homepages server to use the authentication .htpasswd file held on the cgi server, but this doesn't seem possible.

So my question is how should I go about solving this problem?

Self managed password for subdirectory security

The obvious thing would seem to be that you host the private pages on the CGI server. (Some people run their entire site on that server -- you may be unaware that Force9 in fact allows you to use up to your entire 250MB of webspace on the CGI server if you wish.)

Other than that, I suppose you could set up a cron job to FTP the ".htpasswd" file to your homepages space at a set interval, but that would mean password updates would not come into effect until the cron job runs. Even better, then, modify your .htpasswd update script to include an FTP step to transfer the file whenever a change is made.